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                                      CONSEQUENCES       Novella by John Wheatley     Set in the late eighties and nineties, the story is a love story revolving around a miscarriage of justice. The central character and narrator, Tony, from Middleton, near Manchester, has served a prison sentence for manslaughter, persuaded by his solicitor to enter a guilty plea to avoid a murder charge, despite not having committed the crime. The narrative follows events leading up to the ‘crime’, beginning with a holiday romance between Tony and Jenny, in St Anne’s, an enforced separation, and a resumption of the relationship when they meet, four years later, on a college campus in Rochdale. The reunion is intense but also poisoned by jealousy, and a fight at a party between Tony and Ben Tyler, who he sees as a rival, leads to him being the obvious suspect when Ben’s body is later found. Presale price at Amazon Kindle: 99p Release date of E-book and Paperback 30th July 2021

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