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Review A Girl Called Ari by A J. SKY

 A Girl called Ari A Girl called Ari By P.J Sky To begin with this book is not , and never intends to be the hi-tech sci-fi extravaganza that the dystopian post-apocolyptic tag might suggest. The ‘City’, the walled bastion of privilege and exclusivity, with its totalitarian rules, where the story begins, is mainly symbolic. In my reading, P.J. Sky`s novel is essentially a story of a journey of survival and of a bonding between two very different characters, the two young women Starla and Ari. Starla, spoilt and privileged, is the victim of a botched abduction attempt [one with political significance as her father is the powerful mayor of The City]. She finds herself abandoned in the grim inhospitable landscape of the `outside` and here meets the girl called Ari, very much an outsider, tough and wise in the ways of surviving in this desolate and unforgiving world. They begin their journey together to try to get back to The City, a journey which takes them through desert, through rocky w

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